Carbon Footprint


LO:  To become more aware about carbon issues in a mathematical context.


Overview: Students are given information for a holiday that the Jones family are to go on. They need to think about trying to counter-effect the amount of carbon which they will use to have a holiday by looking at their general lives.


Suggested approach: Use the introduction PowerPoint to engage the students with the task. Once all questions have been answered each student can then be given a copy of the carbon footprint form sheet and the savings sheets. (There are some choices sheets that just give numbers for the problem to either make it easier for less able groups, or for teacher use). There are also checklist sheets if the students are to be more encouraged to work through the problem themselves.


Resources:                                         Introduction.ppt

                                                                              Carbon Footprint Form (pdf)

                                                                              Everyday Savings (pdf)

                                                                        Holiday Savings (pdf)

                                                                              Lifestyle Savings (pdf)

                                                                  Carbon Choices 1 (pdf)

                                                                  Carbon Choices 2 (pdf)

                                                                  Checklist (pdf)

                                                                  Checklist - Extension (pdf)


Updates: We are now using a newer version that was sent to us and can be found in the Additions section of the website.