This section is dedicated to additional resources that we have created as well as some donations from those of you who have appreciated our website and wished to contribute. Thank you to all contributors. (This page will take a while to complete and some links may not currently work).


From Danny:










From Others:


Numeracy Starter

This Excel file randomly creates a selection of numeracy starters. It has become department policy at our school to begin each lesson with 5-10 minutes with one sheet and students working on their own and in silence. We have noticed a significant increase in all students general number work.

Assessment Sheet

This is an Excel file that includes some sheets that we use mark the students work. We give them to the students while they are working and then use them to give feedback after.

Functional Offers

(Design a Bedroom)

This is a Word document which contains six different offers to use with the Year 8 Bedroom project. She gave students dice to determine the offers they were individually given.

 Jane Heggs -

The City School, Sheffield

Decorating a Flat

Wimbledon Project

Football Project

Basketball Project

Coffee Shop

These are a selection of projects that were sent to us from Chris as a thank you for the ones we have created. There are a few files for each project so each is compressed into zip files.

Chris Glover -

Glenthorne High School

Clients at a Travel Agency

This Word document sent to us is used by Jen with a selection of holiday brochures as a holiday project.

Jen Button -

Helston Community College

Family Holiday

Caroline redesigned the Year 7 Family Holiday project. We are planning to use this instead of our own due to the pricing structure included.

Caroline Jackson -

Primrose High School, Leeds

Constraints Sheet

Values Sheet

(Build a Farm)

One of the first request we had was if it was ok to translate projects into another language. These are the information sheets that went with the Year 7 Build a Farm project in Welsh.

Ed Hopkins and Anwen Davies -

Ysgol Glan Clwyd

Carbon Footprint

Patricia says her daughter created this project in the style of our previous projects for a STEM day they had at their school. This was sent as a thank you for the other projects we had made.

Patricia Ripley - Sacred Heart High School, Newcastle

Functional Lessons

Mark sent us a couple of files as a thank you. These can be used as stand alone functional maths lessons. The folder contains work on cylinders and dice. Thank you Mark.

Mark Hatton -

Seaford Head Community College