Sports Field


LO:  To perform accurate constructions. To solve logical problems.


Overview: There are two tasks to complete. The first is to construct a diagram of a sports field on A3 paper. The second is to solve a logic problem related to sports.


Suggested approach: Use the introduction PowerPoint to engage the students with the task. When the slideshow instructs, get students to draw along with the instructions. Once the show is complete give students an A3 blank sheet of paper and the help sheet to start them on the first problem. Let them complete this before giving them the logic problem. There are some field diagrams below for projection if required as a visual aid for the class.


Resources:                                         Introduction.ppt

                                                                              Help Sheet (pdf)

                                                                              Field Diagrams (pdf)             

                                                                  Logic Problem (pdf)

                                                                              Logic Problem Solution (pdf)