LO:  Use calculation skills in the context of nutrition.


Overview: This is a big project that has been split into two so the teachers can choose which section they want to concentrate on. The whole project involves working out how much energy a student uses in week and how many calories, protein etc they require. They can also look at the food they eat and see the nutritional content and match this up to their needs.


Suggested approach: Use Introduction (part 1) PowerPoint to engage the students with the task. Once all questions have been answered each student can be given both Help Sheet 1 and the Calories sheet and to work out how many calories they need each day. Then show Introduction (part 2) PowerPoint and give students Help Sheet 2 and the Food Information and let them work out nutrition information each day. Once they have designed their meals students could summarise the information on an A3 piece of paper.


Resources:                                         Introduction (part 1).ppt

                                                                  Introduction (part 2).ppt

                                                                              Help Sheet 1 (pdf)

                                                                        Calories Sheet (pdf)

                                                                              Help Sheet 2 (pdf)

                                                                              Food Information (pdf)