Mobile Phone Deals


LO: To choose the best mobile phone deal.


Overview: Three people are in need of new mobile phones. Students must consider each of their needs and choose a suitable phone package.


Suggested approach: Use the introduction PowerPoint to engage the students with the task. Once all questions have been answered each student can be given both tariff option sheets and the user needs summary and try to find the best options. There is also a cost sheet to give students a little structure if required. Once they have designed their meal students could summarise the information on an A3 piece of paper.


Resources: Introduction.ppt

Monthly Tariffs (pdf)

Pay as You Go Tariffs (pdf)

User Needs (pdf)

Cost Sheet (pdf)



 We have created a new Phone Deals sheet that replaces the Monthly Tariffs and Pay as You Go Tariffs sheets. One of our teachers has tried this and printed this new sheet and the User Needs on the same piece of paper so the students only need one piece of paper.

 Along with the new Phone Deals sheet we have an updated version of the Introduction.ppt. There is a choice of two purple slides at the end depending on if you prefer to break the task down into three smaller ones or just have the main task.