Space Station


LO:  Explore area and volume


Overview: Students are given information on creating a space station subject to some ground area, surface area and volume constraints.


Suggested approach: Use the introduction PowerPoint to engage the students with the task. Once all questions have been answered give each student a copy of the various worksheets for them to design their space station. Some of the students did find this project a little challenging. Some of the teachers worked through the Dome Dilemma worksheet with the class first. We then asked them to create an A3 poster summarising their work,


Resources:                                         Introduction.ppt

                                                                              Dome Dilemma (pdf)

                                                                  Dome Areas Summary (pdf)

                                                                  Information Sheet (pdf)

                                                                  Population Constraints (pdf)

                                                                  Population Constraints 2 (pdf)


Updates: We found this project challenging with respect to communicating to other teachers how we saw it progressing, so we have changed the files and structure to the update below:

                                                                  Introduction (ppt)

                                                                  Pupil Sheet 1 (pdf)

                                                                  Pupil Sheet 1 Answers (pdf)

                                                                  Task 3 Sheet (pdf)